Splintermind has always been a Social Entrepreneurship Company. In Arts, Artistic or now,  focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is not that far from the Arts to Entrepreneurship.


I could easily argue that early processes of entrepreneurship is artistic and should even use artistic approaches and methods for maximizing an idea.

Artists and Entrepreneurs has more in common than the "administrators" of a business. Yet many Universities educate students to perform "Business and Administration". We need to re-think.

We also need to re-think when it comes to Regional Development - if we want to use entrepreneurial action. It is easy said - but hard to accomplish. Especially if it will be performed by authorities that usually "administrates". Why is that ? Probably because entrepreneurial actions is a bottom-up movement and most development actions are top-down.

These two facts was observed, when performing research in the field of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Many wants to accomplish "entrepreneurship", but there is a gap between theory and practice on one hand, and administration and "action" on the other. For that we need structures and creativity, but in new ways. We need to re-think.


That is the focus of Splintermind - Structured Creativity. We are a social entrepreneurship company. We intend to fill that gap. We enable training of entrepreneurship and innovation processes.


An Entrepreneur is the first mover - therefore it requires an ethical responsibility.

Dr. Mikael Scherdin

CEO & Founder of Splintermind
Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship
PhD Entrepreneurship
Topic: "Survival of New Ideas in Economical Eco-Systems"