Nine Step Process® Enable Entrepreneurial Action

Developed at Uppsala University by Dr. Mikael Scherdin (Phd.), to train Entrepreneurs. It training Entrepreneurs a powerful sequence of Create, Craft and Convince by taking ideas and problems into action emerged. Since the origin was from Dr. Scherdins research and practice in Entrepreneurship, at Uppsala University, it is not just another tool, it is Academically based with documented pedagogic´s, approach and material.

  • The process has been in use since 2012
  • The process is verifyed by more than 50 cases, in five countries, with successful pre-innovations
  • It has specific tools, pedagogics and approaches
  • It is appreciated as a new approach, by companies and organizations as well as by Incubator-settings
Success rate
  • 60 % of all the ideas is finding an entrepreneurial and/or innovation route
  • Very high scoring by attendants, they feel involved, get positive, and feel a part of the development
  • The well structured approach makes it highly efficient
It suit you if you have:
  • Multiple-ownership of a problem
  • An innovation or a change process stretching trough several departments
  • A problem that might stretch into a multi-level ownership
  • Needs active process leading of single innovation processes