Invite To Do® Enable Entrepreneurial Action in Organizations

Originally developed at Uppsala University by Dr. Mikael Scherdin (Phd.), to train Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs in practice. Today, the approach consists of Tools, Pedagogic´s Processes and unique ways to handle Intrapreneurial action. More specifically towards cutting edge innovation thrive, with a need of structuring a complex action forward.

It suits organizations with
  • Multiple-ownership to a problem/solution/idea
  • An innovation or a change process stretches trough several departments
  • A problem that might stretch from a policy/strategy level down to a "work-level"
Nine Step Process® Inside
  • The process has been in use for fivel years
  • The process has taken more than 50 cases, in five countries, into pre-innovations
  • It has specific and verified tools, pedagogic´s and a unique work-approach
  • It is well appreciated as a new approach by companies and organizations
  • 60 % of all the ideas is finding an intrapreneurial and/or innovation route
  • Very high scoring by attendants, they feel involved, get involved, and become a team for development
  • The structured and creative process makes it efficient