Future Nordic Lab System

In the Nordic area and the surrounding Baltic Sea Area, we have numerous of organizations, companies, public sector, social initiatives involved in specific tasks to change society. It is a complex task to co-operate - we develop a new approach. Some of them wants to create entrepreneurial co-operations among civil society actors. The development of the The Future Nordic Lab System, is an effort to meet that demand.

Action and Expected Results

With the use the core; Nine Step Process to create Change Driving Teams, with an annual conference on a Nordic level. The Pilot has started and preparations during 2016/2017, with the expected results:

  • Pilot cases leads to specific solutions on selected society problems
  • Understanding of inter-organizational action among participants
  • Training in entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • Testing and verifying ideas for action
  • Concrete changes to identified problems
Nine Step Process® Inside
  • The process has been in use for five years
  • The process has taken more than 50 cases, in five countries, into pre-innovations
  • It has specific and verified tools, pedagogics´ and a unique work-approach
  • It is well appreciated as a new approach by companies and organizations
  • 60 % of all the ideas is finding an intrapreneurial and/or innovation route
  • Very high scoring by attendants, they feel involved, get involved, and become a team for development
  • The structured and creative process makes it efficient