Problems are a good start

It all started with lack of tools. No tools for training, no tools to connect University with Regions and no tools for an entire entrepreneurial process. We clearly needed to find structures in order to be able to connect and to get different organizations to understand each other.

We continued to develop several tools - in steps

The first tools and pedagogics for educational purposes was retrieved from own research and combined with own practical experience. We could also conclude that there were a number of tools already existing - for single purposes. But not so often tied together. And even more rare, that they really fit together in a smart way.

We developed the core into a creative process

We took it a step further and assembled all the tools into a coherent process - the Nine Step Process. Now we had a understandable and communicative way to get others to understand what an pre-innovation process is all about.

We structured the process

During four years with testing, adjustments and practical work in several countries we finally have a structure that seems to be general, and applicable to any idea and any problem towards an innovation.

The whole process we have then turned into a system

Of course we haven't stopped there, we have wrapped and packaged all the tools, processes, and pedagogics and material into a system. A system that can kick-start an organization a University education or a even a municipality and region.