Mikael Scherdin holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from the Department of Business Studies, Uppsala University. He has conducted research in the areas of creativity and entrepreneurship, Art and entrepreneurship, and survival of new ideas in ecosystems. Dr. Scherdin has a long career with entrepreneurship in practice; from actual start ups, business developments, as well as leading change projects in various settings. And now, as director of Splintermind.


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  • Scherdin, M. The invisible foot – Survival of new art ideas on the Swedish art arena An autoethnographic study of nonTVTVstation. Doctoral Thesis, Uppsala University

Book Chapters

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Scientific Papers & Conference Papers

  • Scherdin, M., Zander, I.  On the role and importance of core assumptions in the field of entrepreneurship research: A neurophilosophical perspective. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour &. Research (2014)   
  • Scherdin, M. Innovation Detection Grid - an assessment tool for innovation processes in early stages. Paper in progress (2013)
  • Scherdin, M. Nine Step Process - entrepreneurial live case learning process. Paper in progress (2013)
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  • Scherdin, M. Regional Development of Innovation-systems by Co-ordinated Process Design : Uppsala as an Illustrative Case. Report Uppsala University (2013: 65 pages)