"When I am creating, I have a complete trust in the creative process - it steers me - not the other way around"

I have initiated projects, started cooperatives, cooperation's and companies all my life. Taking ideas into action is my passion. Get people to act together - wanting to do things, is another. And by sharing creativity - help people forward, much can be accomplished. Enable others to achieve things they want to do, is more and more in my focus. In retrospect, I can truly say that I have been working with "enabling" as a theme, even though I didn't understand it at all times. If it has been art, artists, entrepreneurs or students - still the same focus on enabling others to take their ideas forward. Great fun. Indeed.

"An entrepreneur is the first mover - it requires an ethical position"

In this thrive, I have always had a few things to hold on to: my creativity, a true bottom up perspective on ideas and challenges, and a holistic approach for solutions. Nothing more, nothing less, just a few guidelines. Maybe I also may add that I wouldn't help any idea forward, any person forward, or any organization forward; rather it needs to feel ethically correct. Gladly, I therefore work and engage myself in regional development, social entrepreneurial actions, and ideas and enterprises which can have an impact on our lives - in a positive and sustainable way.

"To have inherent structures makes it possible to live in the creativity"

How I work ? I work with Structured Creativity. A contradiction? Not at all. Many successful artists are highly structured to become highly creative. Having worked with creativity in all its aspects: in the arts, music, business, and as an entrepreneur, to develop others ideas and to develop organizations and companies, there is one wisdom I have gained, that is above them all - to create structures while working. If not - it is completely useless to be "iteratively creative". It is fun to be in a creative bubble - but it gets you nowhere. It is just frustrating and time consuming. I am surprised that so many organizations and companies still having creative sessions without knowing where to go.


Dr. Mikael Scherdin

CEO & Founder of Splintermind

PhD in Entrepreneurship

PhD: "Survival of New Ideas in Eco-Systems"

Former Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship