1998 Splintermind starts as a project for developing real time art.

2000 We start creating a platform for producing live-art and distributing it to museums

2001 First live art (Internet-TV) is accomplished

2002 We accomplish live-art-transmissions to mobile phones

2003 Museum Network for Contemporary Art (electronic art) is formed

2004 Enabling Electronica Music Art Scene in Stockholm with live transmissions

2005 Enabling Art-TV-exhibitions in New York, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagen .....

2008 Research for new methods, tools and processes for entrepreneurship is initiated

2012 A platform for entrepreneurship and innovation is launched

2013 Entrepreneurship Lab® as a concept is launched

2015 Development of Entrepreneurship Lab® into a System

2016 Development of the Future Nordic Lab®System

2017 Development of the Invite To Do®System