Splintermind is, in itself, a Social Entrepreneurship Venture. From the very start in the Arts, the focus already then were more of a Social venture than a pure commercial venture. The interest was creativity and to discover possibilities, rather than to make a profit. That particular ethical approach has endured over the years. Today the focus, is again on Entrepreneurship, but not to act like an ordinary start-up, but rather to use research, skills and experience to help others in their efforts.

Creativity Experiences

Areas: Several Art Projects, Creative Leadership, Process Leadership, Conceptualizing and Framing of Ideas, Nine Step Process Leadership, Agile Project Management, Structuring of Early Innovation Processes and General Business Development.

Crafting Experiences

Areas: Business Developing, Research Methodologies,  Creative Consultancy. Business Sectors: IT, Telecom and Broadband Services, Education and Research, Innovation systems, Pulp and paper Industry, Culture and Art sector, Sports and non profit organizations, Development of Entrepreneurial systems and Regional Development.

Convincing Experiences

By being in the area of project, start-ups, innovations and the Arts for so many years, convincing skills are all there. Skills to be used in eanbling others to get started.

Consortia Experiences

The last few years the work has been focused on the creation of consortias around challenges - using our already developed system and expertise. That must be social entrepreneurship in a nutshell.