• A Kick-start for Entrepreneurial Training at Tartu University - Narva College (Estonia)


  • Create a fast and first leap forward into Entrepreneurial Action in a region with high unemployment


  • Swedish Embassy, Ida-Virumaa Region, NBAS Business Organization, and Tartu University:Narva College.

Training of Entrepreneurs at Tartu University: Narva College - a Fast Track to Entrepreneurial Action

  • A joint effort between Narva College, The Swedish Embassy, Ida-Virumaa Regional Planning Office and NBAS to accomplish a step forward in Entrepreneurial action. The target was to create a pilot situation, by using real cases from the region and work with students, to accomplish new ways forward for small companies and bright ideas.

Concrete Results

  • Four pilot cases

  • Three cases were successful helping SME´s forward

  • 15 Trained Students

  • Positive attention and positive media-coverage to a region (suffering from negative press)

  • The Entrepreneurial action get stake-holders to work towards a agreed upon target

  • The Entrepreneurship Lab pilot managed to attract further financing for next step