• Re-Entrepreneur-Me 



  • With an inflow of young talents to Sweden comes a challenge to release the potential. We want to release the Entrepreneurial potential .


  • Train new Swedish citizens to become entrepreneurs


  • Using the Nine Step Process® to create a powerful training towards self employment by entrepreneurial action


  • A Municipality in Stockholm, and a Start-up organization in Stockholm

Training for Entrepreneurial Action

  • A joint effort to work with new Swedish citizens, to create alternative tracks into employment. Some could get a job, some gets into studies, but why not prepare some for entrepreneurial action? Maybe even faster than 3 years at University ?

Expected Concrete Results

  • Trained Entrepreneurs

  • Create new ways into the society for individuals

  • Create new possibilities for Sweden using their ideas, their knowledge and their experience

  • Reduce the risk of uncertainty for the Municipality and the new Swedes