Entrepreneurial development for regions. Entrepreneurial System for regional use. A complete system with tools, processes, and development-units to be implemented at several places which creates common understanding of users. Users are universities, university of applied sciences, gymnasiums and incubators, plus authorities.



Municipalities in remote areas, with perhaps scarce innovation capacities and resources can use the system to accelerate existing SME, and to train individuals for becoming entrepreneurs and more. A turnkey solution for kick-starting entrepreneurial action.


For organizations to develop their intrapreneurial skills, work together, and with ideas to create networks across boarders - we actively build consortia for pulling entrepreneurial training forward - in a wider perspective. We have helped develop several consortia in the Baltic Sea Area.


We have developed, tested and verified accurate tools for a systematic approach in a structured process. We have tools for taking Creative, Crafting and Convincing steps into a full entrepreneurial process. It is Structured Creativity.

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From experience and research, we have constructed a process which has become quite popular and appreciated, for creating entrepreneurial momentum. The Nine Step Process® for Pre-Innovation-Training-Purposes.

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From research, we can see that many "projects", "best practice" are successful but often with lack another dimension - sustainability. Our system approach is an attempt to fill that gap. To cover administrative levels.

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Splintermind has always been a Social Entrepreneurship Company. In Arts, Artistic or now,  focused on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is not that far from the Arts to Entrepreneurship. Re-think I could...

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